Think about it. When you visit someone's place for the first time, what's the first thing you look for? What's on their walls, of course. It's human nature. Maybe there are family pictures, heirlooms, hand-me-down art or even whack trends of yesteryear. Nagel anyone? Actually I think Nagel's making a comeback. Who knows why we really do this; but it seems you can decipher a little about the person by the items on their walls. Art also has the ability to beautifully distract. The first time I saw an oversized canvas print, filling up an entire wall was at an old girlfriend's apartment; I was like, "Whoa." This was a small place and the print demanded you look at it, kept your eyes focused up and not down at the clutter. When someone asks me, "What is a focal point of a room? How is one created and what does it do?" I tell them the story of this girl's basement apartment. The oversized canvas art was a tweaked-out photo of Brigitte Bardot, presented as a giclee on canvas. It was fun to gaze at and kept my eyes off the floor: the laundry basket (maybe dirty, maybe clean?), stacks of books and magazines and empty cigar boxes with loads of costume jewelry and a rug that maybe was just a really big towel? Why look at the nasty bits, when you can look at the WOW. Oversized artwork is so much fun to look at. Because not everyone has a high-rise urban view with finer architectural elements to enhance the outside such as floor-to-ceiling windows. So if your room needs a little help, go BIG ART!