We are loving these reviews.  We've recently launched this ratings and reviews function, and here’s one that we’d like to call out. Overall Rating: 5 stars Quality: 5 stars Value: 5 stars Ease of Installation: 5 stars True to Color: 5 stars Would you recommend this to a friend?: Absolutely Review Title: I couldn't be happier
I bought Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' on the aluminum background. My house is decorated in a contemporary style, but I've always loved this painting. So, I chose the aluminum background because it was clean lined and stylish, but does in no way insult the painting itself. It actually is a very nice clash between two styles that works very well. It's absolutely gorgeous. I have and would recommend this style and company to anyone. The quality is great.
We enjoyed reading this one: an art lover using Gallery Direct to its full potential. She created something unique, taking an old master, perhaps Van Gogh’s most famous, which we have impeccably curated and optimized, and she customized it on aluminum to suit the needs of her home’s interior. There are features only Gallery Direct offers to art lovers.  In business terms, you’d call these “key differentiators” or the value you offer your customers based on how you differ from your competitors. Most of the images we sell are exclusive to Gallery Direct, this is the artwork we sell as limited editions. An artist signs a limited edition agreement [with us] and receives a royalty each time we sell one of their images.  In contrast, Van Gogh’s work “Starry Night” is part of the public domain; therefore represents an image that many sources around the world and online sell.  But if you want this recreated on aluminum, birchwood, mirror, or acrylic, in addition to traditional framed paper and stretched canvas, we’re the guys to call on. We’re also the guys that won’t break your bank for this level of customization. Our mantra from day one is: “Fine Art For Everyone.” This message is plastered all over our facility and we smile big when we read the end of this review, “I have and will recommend this style and company to anyone. The quality is great.” Thank you! We couldn’t help but notice a new competitor tweaked our mantra to be theirs: “It’s Art For Everyone.” Thanks for the compliment. In eleven years, we’ve had our exclusive images knocked off, we’ve had our messaging/branding copied, and we’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt.  In the case of this new competitor, after looking around the site for a while, we couldn’t help but notice their “key differentiator” is exorbitant cost.  Might want to re-think that slogan guys. Watch our Fine Art on Aluminum Video