Hello Cool Design: Meet Hot Art


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Just in time for the holidays…

The word is out. Top designers are all saying that seasonal décor this year is not just about tree trimming and table top. It’s all about the walls.

Patti Hinners, designer of Austin’s finest homes, says,

“It may have started as a trend, but now my clients are pulling out art from holiday storage year after year – same as they would the garlands and wreathes and their other little treasures.”

Seriously – Picture this: It’s late Saturday afternoon and it’s cold outside – too cold to go out. You’re lounging in your comfiest chaise in front of a roaring fire with a yummy cashmere throw and an even yummier mug of mulled wine. Perhaps you’re still wearing your pajamas. You’ve forgotten the book on your lap because you’re transfixed by a fresh fir tree sparkling with tiny white lights. But how does last summer’s sunflower or beach print fit in? Indeed, it’s jarring. The tableau is simply not complete without seasonal art.

Gallery Direct makes it possible for you to decorate in style this winter with festive imagery from your favorite artists – Sia – Paul – Saris – Abbott – Gjevukaj – Graham – plus our colorful photography.  From trees to stars to lights to nature’s curiosities, and even a sweet little deer, this imagery is available on numerous media to select from, including traditional framed paper for a classic touch, light weight canvas that’s easy-to-hang, sophisticated aluminum or acrylic for a modern spin and unique birchwood for a rustic feel. Plus all the red you need to turn your space into a warm and cozy holiday home.

Hinners advises canvas precisely because it’s lightweight, durable, and easy to hang and move around.

“It’s perfect for seasonal décor for all those reasons, but it also has the feel of an original, especially framed canvas.” 

As this year’s designers will tell you and savvy home makers get it: It’s not just about the tree or the table this year, it’s about the holistic experience. And there’s no better way to create that than to surround yourself with cheery wall décor!

And don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!