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Follow Because Art = Freedom. “These children are being empowered through the freedom of expression. They are learning, some for the first time, how to be kids and dream big. At one point in their lives, they were sold for … Read More

Because Art = Freedom. “These children are being empowered through the freedom of expression. They are learning, some for the first time, how to be kids and dream big. At one point in their lives, they were sold for the amount we pay for a few cups of coffee.” - Go Team Ghana Website Art Feeds, an art therapy program based out of Joplin, Missouri developed the art curriculum programs for the Touch A Life Foundation's long term rehabilitative care center in Ghana. The Touch A Life Foundation is dedicated to rescuing children in Ghana, Vietnam and Cambodia that were sold into child slavery.  Providing holistic long-term child care to these vulnerable children, the foundation has rescued 93 children out of slavery. [caption id="attachment_2508" align="alignright" width="317" style="float:right; position:relative;"] Photo Credit: Touch A Life Foundation[/caption] Gallery Direct learned about their mission and jumped at the opportunity to help these brave children and other children that have suffered. We are honored to donate one blank canvas to Art Feeds for every piece of Gallery Direct Artwork sold in December. Your art purchase helps bring inspiration and a smile to these children's lives. I encourage you to read the story about Mark Kwadwo on the home page that inspired the, Find Your Mark campaign.  The story is heavy on the heart, but knowing that fortunate people, like most of us, have taken a stand to help these children is inspirational. "People say I rescued Mark, but the truth is, he rescued me. He has shown me what matters in life - the things that are really important. Without Mark, I’d never be the person, the woman, or the Mom that I am today. And it all started with the decisions to believe in myself, and to take a huge risk." - Pam Cope, Co-Founder For more information about Art Feeds and the Touch A Life Foundation please visit:  

In the April 5th episode of Designing Spaces on Lifetime TV, “Kids Room Makeover” will showcase a unique way to customize each room with the HP Wall Art and Gallery Direct solutions.  Make sure to tune in at 7:30 am (ET/PT) to learn more about this fun and easy method for decorating.

I (Joie Tamkin) am the Director of Marketing and Communications here at GalleryDirect, and I had the oportunity to go into the home of the seleceted family and show them how to redecorate the daughters room.  It was a lot of fun! 

Tune in on Thursday to seem me demonstrate how parents can use HP Wall Art to bring their child’s favorite television and movie characters to life in their home. This picture is from the shoot, you'll have to watch the show to see the complete room - and learn how you can do this in your home.

Unlike traditional wallpaper, HP Wall Art and Gallery Direct combines branded content, fine art, or personal photos with each individual’s creative touch.  Gallery Direct wall coverings and wall accents are extremely easy to put up and easy to take down, up and down with only water making it simple to change designs as a child grows or tastes change.  If I can do it, anyone can!

Furthermore, customers can customize their wall coverings to fit the exact dimensions of their room, while designing around elements such as windows, doors and light switches.  HP Wall Art meets the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standards[1] for low-emitting products, making it the perfect solution for a child’s bedroom or playroom.  

 Imagery available includes: fine art, photography, and licensed imagery from NASA, Marvel Comics, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, Warner Brothers and new content and designs will continue to be added!

HP Wall Art wall coverings and wall accents are available online through Walls by GalleryDirect, and are shipped directly to consumers’ homes with and installation kit and customized instructions.

Often when you think of buying art for your home you think of the main areas of your house, but not the bedrooms, especially not the kids bedrooms. Having art in your child's room from a young age is a great way to encourage a love and appreciation for art. My oldest two girls share a room and have an adorable ballerina quilt from Company Kids that is my inspiration for the decor. I knew I wanted to get a piece of ballet themed art from Gallery Direct to tie the room together. Gallery Direct had a wide variety of options as well as quality products for me to choose from. I knew I wanted a wrapped canvas with a ballet theme so I wouldn't have to worry about glass in my girls bedroom. After searching through thousands ( literally) of images I decided I wanted a painting and not a photograph but I did not want any actual figures in the piece. I debated on whether or not I wanted a pair of shoes or a tutu until I found the Ballerina tutu by Barbara Helgason and I knew it was the perfect piece to inspire my ballerina room. When the piece arrived my girls got so excited and it is exactly what I was looking for. The piece is striking and beautiful yet very soft and feminine. I love how the gallery wrapped canvas turned out and it makes the perfect statement in my girls room and it helps to introduce art into everyday life! You can find Ellen blogging daily at Thrifty & Chic Mom.