When you're invited to an art exhibit or gallery, do you hesitate to go in fear of feeling stupid if you don't understand the artwork?  I think we've all been there.  Most people are intimidated by art, and I used to be that way as well, even though I work at Gallery Direct.  I remember going on a date in New York City to the Museum of Modern Art and as my date stared at a brown sculpture I was looking around wondering why he and everyone else was admiring a sculpture that looked like my dog's food.  Most people, like I did, assume they must understand the art intellectually before they can enjoy it. The man in this picture could be thinking about his favorite soup that his wife cooks or where his parents used to grocery shop when he was little.  Whatever is going through his mind, he is certainly enjoying his experience. That is what art is all about! It's about the experience that it brings to your life. Art is created for you to enjoy, however you want to enjoy it.  You do not need to take an art appreciation class before picking out art that you like.  Just look at the images and let the artwork do the work for you.  The image could bring back an old memory and spark an emotional feeling.  You might be inspired by the painting to start something new, or reminded of something you used to love to do. You could find a shape or color in the image that draws you in. A song, or scenario might start forming in your mind and you start to day dream. Often, the less you know about art, the more free your mind is to get lost in the brush strokes.  Art is a lot like wine, it's not the cost or the color that necessarily matters, it's all about what tastes good to you. How have you learned to enjoy artwork?