Have you ever wished that you could take beautiful pictures like the ones your favorite artist takes? Besides taking a course on photography there are a few easy things us amateurs can do to improve our picture taking skills and become overall better photographers!
  1. Natural Lighting: I know you hear it all the time but natural really is better so turn off that flash and find some great natural light then get snapping!
  2. Eliminate Clutter: It is easy to lose the focus of your picture when the background is too cluttered. Decide what you want your focus to be and try to remove the rest if possible.
  3. Find A New Angle: Try switching up your angle it can really add new interest to a photo. Get at eye level or take the photo from above or below, just experiment.
  4. Focus: Play around with the focus, get really close or far away, just do something different you may be surprised at how it turns out.
  5. Take Lots of Pictures: Finally just take a lot of pictures trying new things and you will improve just by experimenting and practicing.
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