If you have a special photo that you want to really bring to life then I have the perfect idea for you, have your photo printed on aluminum. If you have never seen a photo on aluminum I am sure you have no idea what I am talking about but aluminum has the ability to bring your photo to life. The way the light hits the aluminum gives it an alive and sparkling look. A photograph of an aluminum print can never do it justice but take my wedding photo as a great example. The chandeliers in the photo seem to be on and sparkling in the background when you look at my photo. I have had this picture on display in my home since my wedding but now on aluminum it transports me back to my first wedding dance. Aluminum is a great way to elevate your photo and bring it life, water glistens and seems ti almost move, lights seem to be sparkling and the whole picture has a sense of being alive not flat like a typical photo. So if you have a special memory you want brought to life check out the aluminum options form Gallery Direct. This post brought to you by Ellen of Thrifty & Chic Mom.