Graduation season is here and art would make the perfect Graduation Gift! Here are 5 art inspired graduation gift ideas.
  • Gift the gift of friends, Instead of framing that small 8 x 10 photo get it blown up and make it really grab your attention
  • Get the gift of decor with a piece of art by a favorite artist to decorate the dorm or apartment (I suggest acrylic for dorms it is durable and easily cleaned!)
  • Give the gift of inspiration by finding a piece that makes them think of a life goal, use art almost like a vision board.
  • Give the gift of memories by capturing a favorite moment or place and having it printed
  • Give the gift of creativity by photographing a piece of art they created and having it printed
This year give the graduates in your life a gift that they will keep with them forever, the gift of art.   You can find Ellen blogging daily at Thrifty & Chic Mom.