Some of you may be thinking, really a photo gift that wows? Doesn't that seem like the old stand by, if you can't think of anything else. Well banish that thought!!  These gifts will WOW them and be talked about for years. Now keep in mind you can print any of these on canvas, aluminum, acrylic, birchwood, paper or mirror to up the wow factor.
  • FAMILY COLLAGE: This is perfect for grandparents get a picture of the various families and make a collage. For my family this would mean all three siblings and their family would each take a family photo then we would make a collage with one photo of my family, one of my brothers, one of my sisters and one of my parents.
  • THEN AND NOW: Get a picture of the person then and now, this works great for couples you could do when they were first dating or on their wedding ect.
  • SPECIAL OCCASION: A great collage would be a photo of a special occasion of a parent and then of the child. For example we have great photos of my husband and I each at our First Communion, making a collage with those and each of my kids at their First Communion would be so neat!
  • SPELL IT OUT: Word art is very popular so make your own take pictures of things that look like letters and spell a word, could be a name of something like family. (see my girls making an M above)
  • GENERATIONS: Taking generational photos is really neat, we are doing a photo of all the grandkids for the grandparents and I know they will cherish it, yes matching shirts are required ;) For more unique generational photo ideas follow the link.
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