Do people want to know how a BMW is made or do they just want it to go fast? What level of knowledge do you require regarding the items in your life, particularly the big purchases? Those things you’re going to live with for a while: your car, your flat screen TV, your kitchen counter top.  At Gallery Direct, we know that artwork would also fall into that category.  It’s a purchase you think about, something you’re going to live with for a while, for some people years, many years.  For the art lovers who know us, they know we’re the guys who let you make the big purchases without breaking the bank, a pleasant oxymoron. We’ve wondered, if more people want to know how the artwork is made or if they just shop on price. We don’t know that it can be both. The price is obvious, so we created this video that shows the step of the process, right after the original is created and checked into our facility. Our specialty is limited edition artwork. This means an original work, created by one of our artists was meticulous curated and reproduced.  The Cruse Scanner is a fascinating part of the story of how an original work of art makes its way to your wall as a limited edition.

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Follow If you haven’t noticed on Pinterest yet, wall murals are the latest trendy way to decorate a space. So stop repinning those ideas and make them a reality! Oh you didn’t know that we offer wall mural art at … Read More

If you haven't noticed on Pinterest yet, wall murals are the latest trendy way to decorate a space. So stop repinning those ideas and make them a reality! Oh you didn't know that we offer wall mural art at an affordable price?...Yup, we sure do. Have a baby on the way and a nursery to decorate, consider a wall mural. Have a large playroom you want to make more colorful for your kids, consider a wall mural. Have a master bedroom that needs an inviting and peaceful image, consider a wall mural. Have a boring office that needs to be livened up, consider a wall mural. We've brightened our work areas up here at Gallery Direct. We like to have a fun atmosphere to work at here... Select from thousands of our fine art images, photos from our photo vault, or use your own image on our website Gallery Direct. It's easy to do! So stop repinning dream room ideas on your Pinterest - and make one yourself!
Here’s the last installment of our 3 part series. You can take a look back at Part 1 and Part 2 to find out more about Vintage and your own photo uploads. We’re ending with Gallery Direct’s Exclusive Artists. I think it’s the most exciting part and it’s the reason why we are... who we are. We Love Art. Every single piece of Art first comes through our Imaging Department. Not one thing goes untouched and it goes through quite the process before it actually becomes available for you to purchase. Here’s the rundown on how it all works: The Artist
  • All of our Artist’s are unique. They are all signed to work exclusively with Gallery Direct. So, your art isn’t being sold anywhere else. You can ONLY get it here. There is a wide variety for you to choose from and it is a far cry from ‘boring’. Every art is exciting and new and you can sometimes be the FIRST person to ever buy an Artist’s piece. That’s pretty darn exciting if you ask me.
The Scan
  • We take the Artist’s painting and scan it using a high technology scanner called the Cruse Scanner. This scanner is among the best. It is the ultimate instrument for digital capture and is also used by the Vatican’s Secret Archives, Vatican City and the Czechoslovakian National Library, Prague.
The Color
  • Once it is scanned… we are ready to make it polish and shine. The scan is good when first looking at it. But, we want to make sure it’s perfect. We adjust the color to make sure it looks as close to the original as possible. Adjusting anything we see that can make it better. The texture that the Scanner creates makes it feel... and look... like the real thing.
artwork by Darvin Jones and a new artist, Stella Alesi

We love it back here… It’s like Christmas every day with all the new art.

Here’s a video on how the entire Imaging Department works:

Brittney Melton