At Gallery Direct, we love to know what images are viewed the most on our website, and it's always neat to dig into Google analytics to see how visitors interact with our site or to identify trends in keywords, content, etc.  Checkout's top five most viewed wall art from the month of August... from New Years Day to Late Summer, you are sure to fall in love with these! [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Garden Party I by Sean Jacobs"]canvas art garden party I[/caption] Number 1 on the list is Garden Party I
The rhythmic repetition of circles and ovals in candy colors suggest masses of flowers waiting to be admired by one and all. This is a fanciful composition that shows off Sean Jacobs' skill with shapes, colors and light.
    Judy Paul - Tall & Skinny Canvas art Number 2 on the list is Tall and Skinny by Judy Paul
The title aptly describes the form of the tree that is depicted and repeats itself in the actual dimensions of the tall and skinny canvas. Her trademark use of whimsical images, from birds to polka dots, has never been more captivating or humorous.
    Canvas art by Silvia Angeli The 3rd most popular is Late Summer's Expectation I by Sylvia Angeli
Here, Nature has a hard time letting go of the brilliant blues and greens of summer. But the promise of autumn's fiery reds and golden yellows will not be denied.
    Canvas Art by Jon Eric Narum Number 4 is New Years Day by Jon Eric Narum
The brilliant blues and pinks of the sunrise, along with the wide open expanses of the horizon, speak of new beginnings and opportunities.
    Canvas art by Sylvia AngeliNumber 5 is Landscape Abstraction by Sylvia Angeli
The richness of the colors suggests a densely woven tapestry that will make a bold statement in any room of your home or office.  
Coming soon, will be more interesting statistics from from analyzing our web stats. Hope this helps you gives your more ideas on selecting artwork.     -Robin