For some reason people seem genuinely afraid to get art printed on anything other than canvas. They know canvas and so it is a safe choice, but is it the best choice? Gallery Direct offers some amazing out of the box options for your art that truly bring your pieces to life in new and amazing ways. My favorite pieces in my home, and the ones that get the most attention, are not on canvas they are on aluminum and acrylic and mirror. Canvas is beautiful and a great option but take a look at how your art can really pop when you try a new media! Aluminum: Aluminum has the ability to make water sparkle and lights glitter in a way canvas can not, check out this example at Go Graham Go and this one at Thrifty & Chic Mom. Acrylic: Acrylic is a great option for a kitchen or eating area as it is easy to clean, check out this great acrylic at Better in Bulk as well as this acrylic piece. Birchwood: Birchwood gives your art great texture and a more earthy feel. Check out these great birchwood pieces at The Mom Reviews and Stuff Parents Need. Mirror: Art on mirror is a great way to elevate a room and add more elegance as well as more light. Here are some great examples of art on mirror at My Four Monkeys and Thrifty & Chic Mom. Check out all of these great examples and then consider ordering your art on something other than canvas.