Back in the day, people gave flowers for any occasion. Particularly, the Victorians were known for giving flowers as a significant definition of their historical period. They used flowers as a means of expressing emotions in their famously -- and emotionally -- repressed culture. Over the years, giving flowers faded with fashion, went the way of the personal letter delivered by courier. This is sad, because it's a nice gesture. Understandably, technological advances such as the telephone and its successors destroyed courier-delivered love notes. Why did flower delivery, en masse, go out of fashion? One theory, as the world became more modern, people began to express their emotions better. The need to give flowers lost its significance. The only vital adherence of emotion to flower giving is when expressing loss or condolences. Grief sharing is very difficult and awkward to express verbally. Flowers assist communicating sorrow. Their use is ascetically and aesthetically appropriate, giving something dead to honor the memory of one once lived. Today, we live in a culture, which easily expresses emotions. In fact, we live for it. Think Reality Television, once more with feeling! Ironically, as we have become more emotional, we have become more practical, and generally folks don't like stuff that dies. We also live in a bang-for-your-buck consumerist society. Consumers want to spend their income on things that last. People also like a sure bet. This is why gift cards, as a present, are so popular. Romantic, "No." Sensible, "Yes." But as giving flowers has lost significance, adorning walls with floral images is as popular as ever. At Gallery Direct, we're always amazed at how many "florals" people buy from us. The lasting appeal of colorful floral art prints and botanical artwork is the onlooker can enjoy these over and over. You don't have to be a Victorian to appreciate that.