New Artist: Andreas Langley

Follow Yesterday we launched artwork from Andreas Langley, our newest member of the New Era – Gallery Direct family. His art is very unique as it is of something we’ve never seen! He explores the mystery and wonder of ancient crystals … Read More

Yesterday we launched artwork from Andreas Langley, our newest member of the New Era - Gallery Direct family. His art is very unique as it is of something we've never seen! He explores the mystery and wonder of ancient crystals revealing to us layers never seen before. Andreas has "an inherent and spontaneous drive for spirituality and a passion for metaphysics". Andreas grew up in both Europe and the United States but now resides in Arizona. He has a background in broadcast television and film. But lucky for us he explores in the visual arts by revealing the micro cosmos of mineral consciousness expressed in crystalline form of quartz. Above are 2 companion pieces, Record Keeper and Gateway Mystical. Andreas describes them as follows... Energies take shape in other worldly Gnome formations and entice with warm Salamander glow... A gateway offering to a forgotten Land of Dreams. In this series of 3, Spirit Timberland, Andreas describes them as follows...  The Nature Spirit of Forest and Trees expressing its range of energies in its mystical workings. [caption id="attachment_1282" align="alignnone" width="528" caption="LY114A Triumphant Celebration by Andreas Langley"][/caption] We hope you enjoy Andreas' work as much as we do! Click here to visit his gallery of work.  
At New Era Portfolio we know why we do what we do... day in and day out.  Yes, we love coming to work everyday and walking the art gallery halls and working with beautiful paintings with amazing team members, but work is still work.  The "why" behind everything we do shines through when we see people's lives enhanced by our hard work. For this we thank all of you! Last week we found out that we made the Inc. Magazine's 500|5000 list for fastest growing private companies. Inc. Magazine ranked New Era Portfolio , the largest limited-edition fine art publisher, number 3,651 on its fifth annual Inc. 500|5000. The exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy – America’s independent entrepreneurs. “We’re excited to be a part of an exclusive club of companies nationally that are truly driving our economy,” explains Joseph Garcia, CEO and President, New Era Portfolio. “We’re leveling the field for designers to enjoy the same quality, selection, service and pricing, regardless of project size. And, as you can tell, we’ve been successful.” To celebrate, we will be giving away free art tonight during our monthly Twitter Party tonight at 9pm CST. RSVP Now!  We are also offering 50% most of our pieces on our website: Thanks again for helping us make the list!!!        
Home Theaters. Beautiful Wine Closets. Tuscan-influenced landscapes. Professional Kitchens. Resort Quality Bedding. Professional-looking, fully stocked in-home bars. What does this all mean? People are venturing out less and staying at home more. Duh. The problem with staying home is it invites us to face our own mortality. You're growing up, you’re getting old, and you’re becoming sedentary. Think hard. Where are your best memories; where did they take place? Are they inside the walls of your home? I'd venture a guess, "No." We've wondered why a contemporary online art gallery should be swamped with orders upon orders for vintage art, particularly vintage advertisements and travel posters. People are getting more nostalgic, but why? For the exact items depicted in the vintage advertisements they are purchasing, obscure liqueurs they'll never taste, or places they may never have visited? It seems that people are not trying to recreate exact copies of their experiences. We've asked two hundred or so folks, and that's not the case at all. People are taking chances in their artwork choices for the home with vintage images. A cigarette advertisement, when they don't smoke. A travel poster for a country that doesn't exist anymore. The collector is creating a feeling, not a look. Good interior designers know: all "looks" are copies and all "feelings" are evocative. I remember a friend from college. He was a jetsetter. At his lake house, his father had the master bedroom made into an exact copy of his favorite hotel room at the Ritz in Paris. It was GARISH. In this exact copy, it lost its soul. It evoked nothing. He went for the copy and not for the feeling. Mistake #1. Always go for the feeling. Evocate a place, a memory, a time. The beauty of vintage art is it looks like it's from somewhere else, not your home. It brings "somewhere else" in your home. The artwork takes you out of the house, using your imagination. This type of imagination is akin to reading a book (active) as opposed to watching television (passive). When your imagination is active, you don’t have time to think about your own mortality. People are creating an individual expression which mirrors the outside world, but is the expression of a unique personal consciousness and a desire to be somewhere else besides home. I think that's why this category took off as soon as we launched it. The recession is helping too, for the price of a night out you can buy a couple of beautiful vintage prints on paper or canvas, which will last a couple of lifetimes. Nice.