The Beauty of Acrylic Printing

Follow Not to brag or anything, but we print on some pretty neat materials over at Gallery Direct. Not only do we print on paper and canvas, but we also print images onto birchwood, mirror, aluminum and acrylic. Of all … Read More

Not to brag or anything, but we print on some pretty neat materials over at Gallery Direct. Not only do we print on paper and canvas, but we also print images onto birchwood, mirror, aluminum and acrylic. Of all the things we print on, we think acrylic might be the coolest. However, not everybody is aware of its qualities or that it is even an option. Actually, acrylic printing is quickly becoming one of today’s most popular methods to display images. Art printed on acrylic is very unique and has the ability to actually enhance an image. If you’re looking for art that elicits a “wow!” and a dropped jaw or two, acrylic is definitely the way to go. Those who see an acrylic print for the first time, fall in love with its vibrancy and clarity. It interacts beautifully with light and actually gives your photos and artwork a dazzling multi-dimensional look. Images printed on an acrylic surface add a stylish, contemporary touch to your home while having the benefit of being a long-lasting and durable method to display photographs and artwork. Gallery Direct has the best technology in the industry for acrylic printing. We use Optix-DA – digital acrylic formulated for printing and specifically designed to provide optimal adhesion of UV curing inks without adhesion promoters. This results in crystal clear acrylic with the highest degree of color fidelity available today. The sleek acrylic glass is supported by simple, brushed aluminum standoffs and invisible hanging mounts, giving the piece a mesmerizing weightless appearance. If you’re in the market for art that is elegant yet durable and will gorgeously complement a modern, minimalist interior design, acrylic printing is a great option. And you’re in luck because Gallery Direct just happens to do it best! Shop our extensive collection of artwork or even upload your own images for exquisite acrylic prints you’re sure to love.  
Spring is here and we just released our Spring Art Trends for 2013! Today, Gallery Direct announced that bold colors, geometric shapes and transparent inspired decor are some of the top art trends for spring 2013. We caught up with Nick Nichols, the Director of Design at Gallery Direct. Nick says, “Bold colors are everywhere this spring. The use of digital enhancement programs and high-definition mediums has really ramped up in every aspect of our visual lives, making our eyes more attuned to vibrant images. As a result, interior designers are choosing brighter, more saturated hues—and we’re seeing consumers pick up on that trend in their own homes. Bright wall décor is an easy way to modernize any space.” 2013 Spring Art Trends from Gallery Direct Embrace Emerald: This jewel toned Pantone Color of the Year adds sophisticated energy that creates balanced depth in your space--and it’s perfect for spring time. Choose an emerald hued statement piece printed on your favorite material with an elegant frame for a classic look.  Browse Gallery Direct’s Emerald Collection here.           Go Bold with Botanicals: Flowery fine art is always in season.  Placing a few vibrantly-colored botanical canvas prints in a room can make your space feel vivacious and harmonious: bright primary colors add a pop to the room while the flowers keep it rooted in calm tranquility. View Gallery Direct’s Botanical collection here.        
Get Creative with Transparency and Reflection: Art printed on transparent or reflective materials like glass, acrylic, aluminum or mirror can create an eye-catching impact.  This is a sophisticated way to incorporate gloss and shine into your décor, and allows you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  Learn more about unique printing materials for artwork here.
                                                                                                                                                Grow with Plant-Inspired Patterns: Patterns inspired by plants are making an impact this spring. For example, Sia Aryai’s Zen Series has been very popular with interior designers this season. The organic lines of nature soften the pattern, lending your space a refreshing and relaxing touch.         Update Your Geometrics: The trend of using geometric shapes and patterns in design is still popular. Update this trend for spring by adding stripes.  The stripes will complement the geometric shapes for the perfect sophisticated-yet-bold combination—don’t be afraid of mixing patterns!  Browse Gallery Direct’s Geometric Artwork here.
    Got a Spring trend to tell us about?  Post a comment below!