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Decorating Your Bathrooms

Tweet The bathroom is often one of the most visited rooms in the house. The holidays always remind me to pay extra attention to my powder rooms as they can make or break a visitors experience. I also find that … Read More

The bathroom is often one of the most visited rooms in the house. The holidays always remind me to pay extra attention to my powder rooms as they can make or break a visitors experience. I also find that re-decorating my bathrooms makes me feel like I refreshed my living space. Mirrors and bathrooms make sense.  Why not pick an image and print in on a mirror? This is a great way to add a creative touch to a bathroom. How contemporary and cool does the mirror to your right look? This would look beautiful above a bath tub or behind the toilet. Think that is too much? Than go for a calmer image like a seashell or foot prints in the sand. You can search through thousands of images in the Gallery Direct Image Vault. Obviously this is wall art decor, it's not for the main mirrors in the powder room. You could pick interesting shapes and frames for the standard mirrors if you want to add some spice to the functional mirrors. The hallways and stair cases are not the only places to place family photos. Go ahead and post some of your favorite family moments in the powder room.  You can always rotate the images from around your house. Move some from the hallway into the powder room. Themes are great. I like to put the memories from the past seasons in the bathrooms. I have last years New Years photos that I plan to put up around Christmas and then some beach images in the summer. If your bathroom is off of the living room or a bedroom, it's nice to incorporate that decor and colors into the bathroom. Keeping the wall decor consistent throughout the transition from the bigger room to the powder room makes your home flow nicely.  If your living room has bold abstract images, go ahead and place a large bold abstract in the bathroom and keep the shower curtain or towels in a solid complimentary color. I like to add a touch of uniqueness to my powder room images by printing on aluminum. Aluminum will give any image a shine with a contemporary edge. Have a bathroom decor tip? Please share it with us by leaving a comment.
Are your walls ready for the holidays? One of the best ways to make a great impression for your guests is to have beautiful artwork in your home. Trust us, we know. We get thousands of happy art buyers telling us how many compliments they get on their purchase from their guests. To celebrate all the wonderful compliments we want you to get on your art this holiday season, we are offering you a chance to win a $500 shopping spree to  Three winners will be picked, and it's simple to enter, just like us on facebook and enter your e-mail address, so we can contact you if you win!
Here’s the last installment of our 3 part series. You can take a look back at Part 1 and Part 2 to find out more about Vintage and your own photo uploads. We’re ending with Gallery Direct’s Exclusive Artists. I think it’s the most exciting part and it’s the reason why we are... who we are. We Love Art. Every single piece of Art first comes through our Imaging Department. Not one thing goes untouched and it goes through quite the process before it actually becomes available for you to purchase. Here’s the rundown on how it all works: The Artist
  • All of our Artist’s are unique. They are all signed to work exclusively with Gallery Direct. So, your art isn’t being sold anywhere else. You can ONLY get it here. There is a wide variety for you to choose from and it is a far cry from ‘boring’. Every art is exciting and new and you can sometimes be the FIRST person to ever buy an Artist’s piece. That’s pretty darn exciting if you ask me.
The Scan
  • We take the Artist’s painting and scan it using a high technology scanner called the Cruse Scanner. This scanner is among the best. It is the ultimate instrument for digital capture and is also used by the Vatican’s Secret Archives, Vatican City and the Czechoslovakian National Library, Prague.
The Color
  • Once it is scanned… we are ready to make it polish and shine. The scan is good when first looking at it. But, we want to make sure it’s perfect. We adjust the color to make sure it looks as close to the original as possible. Adjusting anything we see that can make it better. The texture that the Scanner creates makes it feel... and look... like the real thing.
artwork by Darvin Jones and a new artist, Stella Alesi

We love it back here… It’s like Christmas every day with all the new art.

Here’s a video on how the entire Imaging Department works:

Brittney Melton
It's Halloween weekend and the scariest part to me is that as soon as we count our candy and put away our masks, it's time to plan for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. A houseful of family and friends is a blessing to me, and so is the power to impress them!  It's amazing how a few pieces of new artwork can really spruce up your home for the holidays. Here are a few easy tips I do every year that make a huge impact with my guests and it keeps my mother in good spirits. Warm Up The Place: Make everyone feel cozy with a warm image in the dining area.  I just purchased these two above for my dining room.  Last time I changed the art in the kitchen my friends thought I had rennovated the entire kitchen area. ha! Honor Your Guests: This one scores major brownie points with the out of towners - I always print pictures we took from our last family gathering on a canvas and display them. Often it's from the Holidays before or in my case, my brother got married so here is my niece and nephew in his wedding -- I find that putting up my siblings kids is just as special to my brothers and sisters as have pictures of them. So I often go the kids route.  The kids love to see themselves displayed and feel special. My niece wanted the last canvas I had printed of her, so this year I am printing two of each as suprise gifts. Classy Holiday Decorations:  A nice snow scene or nativity scene image printed on canvas is a very tactful way to decorate and your home, and it's easy to store for use next year.  I like to keep these images up all winter long. Have a few tips to share with us? We'd love to hear them. Comment away!

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 9 is in full swing and is already on it's 4th episode of the season (aired on 10.16.11).  I had the pleasure to watch the episode and tweet with fellow admirer's of what EMHE does for families in need. For this past Sundays episode I was able to join other EMHE viewers online while watching Season 9's 4th episode about the Korpai family.  In this episode Ty and the rest of the EMHE crew head to Crawford, NY to surprise a family that have been advocating for dwarfism since having their daughter, Hailey.  Hailey was born with dwarfism and as a Little Person she had challenges with her home.  Jimmy and Darlene (Hailey's parents) are the President and Vice President of the New York chapter of Little People of America.  Their home serves as the facility for their Little People of America chapter and they wanted to be able to appropriately accommodate Little People visitors and Hailey.  The Korpai's are such an inspiration and a deserving family to have the help of EMHE. MOVE THAT BUS!  The EMHE crew built an amazing home and a new Understanding Dwarfism Center where everything is at the perfect level.  A lot of thought and care goes into building these homes.  Of course I didn't make it through the entire episode without crying! Hailey was such a sweet little girl!  It touched my heart to see all of the people reaching out to support this family. Every inch is thoroughly thought out by the EMHE team, including the artwork!  At Gallery Direct we're proud to be able to donate artwork to each episode of EMHE.  The EMHE crew chooses the artwork specifically for each families new home from our collection. These are the Gallery Direct artwork pieces that were seen on this episode: [gallery columns="4" orderby="title"]
EMHE has moved to their show to Friday nights starting on Friday October 21st at 8/7c.  During the episodes we give out FREE artwork to a few lucky participants during the shows!  We'd love to hear about what you think of the artwork seen on the EHME episodes.  Comment here or join us on our facebook page. Tweet with us @GalleryDirect and use #EMHE to tweet during the show.
Enjoy! Brooke
Here’s Part 2 of our 3 part series. You can take a look back at how we at Gallery Direct make sure your photo uploads look great. But, as promised, we’re going to take a look at Vintage. Vintage has something for everyone. There are some very unique pieces ranging from French Posters and Asian Art all the way to Van Gogh’s Starry Night. We also have some great Americana art dating back through times in American History. One of my favorites is this French Liquor Poster. Vintage Artwork: Each Vintage Image you order has been retouched to look like new. Look at these Before & After examples...  


  Here’s a video to show you what all goes into each Vintage image: Next time, we’ll show you the heart of the company… Gallery Direct’s Exclusive Artwork... Can’t wait! -Brittney

New Era Artist Feature: Volume 2

Tweet I’ve been enjoying interviewing our artists. It’s interesting to learn more about the persons behind the art I work with on a daily basis. Today I am going to introduce you to Darvin Jones, one of my favorite New … Read More

I've been enjoying interviewing our artists. It's interesting to learn more about the persons behind the art I work with on a daily basis. Today I am going to introduce you to Darvin Jones, one of my favorite New Era artists. [caption id="attachment_907" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Darvin's paint brushes"][/caption] Although Darvin would rather be an actor, iron-chef, super hero or astronaut he has embraced his role as an artist. He sums it up; "life is art and art is life, they really are inseparable." [caption id="attachment_908" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Darvin in his studio"][/caption] Q: What or who inspired you to paint? How did you discover your talent for art? A: I would say my experiences working as an artist assistant and art handler in NY and on the West Coast. I studied art academically not as a practitioner. I started painting to basically see if I could do it and if I could do it better than the art I was hanging on museum walls. I discovered my talent though really out of a necessity during a dim time in my life. [caption id="attachment_909" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Darvin's paint splattered jeans"][/caption] Q: Do you work certain hours each day or only when you are inspired to work? A: I work every day, I may not paint everyday but I’m in my studio everyday, every week. I wish I had the luxury of painting only when I am inspired, although on second thought then I would probably paint 24/7 and never stop.   Q: You have some very unique titles to your pieces, is there always a deeper meaning to your pieces or do some of them just portray emotions? A: It’s a combination of both. I usually try to sum up the meaning of the painting in the title or what I feel the piece is about. The paintings are always a riddle or a metaphor and so the titles suggest the rhetorical nature of the painting by using an interplay of words to title them. Q: Out of all of the pieces you've painted, which is your most favorite? A: Really? As I heard a mother put it when asked, which kid is her favorite I don’t have favorites, I love them all. [caption id="attachment_913" align="alignnone" width="200" caption=""Where is the Architect" JD162A. Darvin may have trouble picking a favorite, but this is one of my favorites. Here it is hanging in my family room at home."][/caption] Q: Who is your favorite artist? A: Is this a trick question? Hum, I guess it would be a toss up between Matthew Ritchie, Julie Mehretu and Takashi Murakami. Stayed tuned in for my next post!

Memory lane: The Yellow Dress

Tweet I remember the morning like it was yesterday.  We were all gathered around the tree and of course I had the most gifts!  Yes it’s true I was the spoiled one.  I wasn’t the “spoiled brat” but I was … Read More

I remember the morning like it was yesterday.  We were all gathered around the tree and of course I had the most gifts!  Yes it's true I was the spoiled one.  I wasn't the "spoiled brat" but I was the "spoiled princess".   I had waited all day for Santa to come and it was finally here.  So it was my turn to open my gifts and I won't ever forget this moment. With so much excitement I opened a medium sized box.  It was heavy and wrapped in the prettiest gold paper I had ever seen with a beautiful red bow. Santa must of had his best elf wrap my gift.  I heard music and when I pulled my gift out it was a water globe.  Inside the globe was a beautiful woman with a pretty yellow and pink dress.  She had similarities of Bell from Beauty and the Beast.  The globe played the song "I hope you dance" by Lee Ann Womack. I loved it! It's been several years since I got that gift, but one day as I was working in the prepress room. Peggy Weiss brought in one of her newest pieces, Twirling.  It's of a pretty woman twirling in her yellow and pink dress.  All I could think of was my childhood memory of my water globe.  I was so deeply in love with this piece that Peggy Weiss had created that I had to get one for myself. It hangs in the bedroom of my new sweet little girl, Eliana.  I hope that this picture brings her joy like it brought me. It amazes me how these pieces that different artists bring in can remind me of memories that I will cherish forever.  Did you ever run across an art piece of ours that reminded you of something when you where a child?  If I were you I would look at ALL of our art pieces and you will be amazed of how one of them can bring back a memory.  So try it, and why don’t you tell us about it.  We would love to hear. -Elise
Here at Gallery Direct we want to make sure that your image looks great. We offer a wide variety of imagery so that you can definitely find something that fits your taste. We have exclusive artists that share their wonderful artwork with us, just for you! In fact, I have many hanging in my own house. We also have Vintage prints that have grown to be very popular. And, you can even upload your own photo and create your very own piece of art. We’ll be doing a three part series on what we, at Gallery Direct, specifically offer. Our PrePress and Imaging department ensures that each image is looked at and retouched to perfection. You are getting the very best there is to offer with Gallery Direct. Gallery Direct offers: Exclusive Artwork: This is Judy Paul’s Lucky in Love – which has been perfected to look closely to the original, in color and in texture. One of my absolute favorites.         Vintage Artwork: Maybe you order a Vintage image. Each Vintage Image you order has been retouched to look like new. Just take a look at this example: Marines Recruiting Photo Uploads: Many customers upload their very own image and are able to create their own art or photograph. There are lots of wedding photos and family photos… photos from trips or even a birthday party. We see a lot back here in the PrePress and Imaging department. We’re going to jump right on into Photo Uploads first. It’s a popular choice. When you upload a photo onto Gallery Direct, you are able to pick the size you want. You are also able to pick a type. Do you want a Gallery Wrap? Or maybe have your image Framed? We also offer printing on Metal, Acrylic, Mirror and even Wood! There are lots of options. Once the image makes it to our PrePress Department is when the magic starts. Let’s look at the below example. The flash from their camera has caused the woman to have “Red eye” – our PrePress Department can take that out: Let’s say you want your photo to be turned into a B&W or Sepia tone: Maybe your photo has a certain Hue to it that doesn’t look neutralized. In this case, this photo is too blue. We can make sure your image turns out great: Join us next time to learn more about our Vintage Imagery. Cassie in our PrePress team works wonders! Go take some photos! Brittney

Gallery Direct says: Move that Bus!

Tweet Yep, you guessed it!  The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Season 9 kicks off this weekend and we are proud to be the home decor sponsor again this year.  The shows producers reached out to us last year asking if we … Read More

Yep, you guessed it!  The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Season 9 kicks off this weekend and we are proud to be the home decor sponsor again this year.  The shows producers reached out to us last year asking if we would sponsor. Not quit knowing what we were in for, we obviously said YES! Working with the energic extreme team and seeing the faces of the families light up when they see the art in their new homes warms our hearts every single episode... just like it does to everyone that comes in contact with the show. From Ty's "Good Morning" wake-up call to the entire neighborhood coming together to yell "Move that Bus" The Extreme Home team works around the clock to turn run down homes into their own version of MTV "Cribs"  The amazing design team can turn a closet into Disney Land in a matter of days.  Before you knock these families for getting all these freebies, please know that they all are more than deserving and hand picked by the amazing team at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.   Although we can't build you an entire house, we can lead you to the inspirational artwork that is featured on the show and touched the hearts of millions. We will feature the pieces that were on the show on this blog and our Facebook page with links (if available) on how you can own your own piece of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition miracles. The Special Two-Part Season Premiere, the” Jubilee/Marshall Family” will feature First Lady Michelle Obama. Watch this Sunday night 7/6c to see Ty and the team build a home for a woman and her son who offer housing and support to homeless female veterans. Tweet live with us and @extremehome with hastag #emhepremiere. We will be giving away free art on twitter and Facebook!