Comfy Beach House Style


Grab your shades and sunscreen! Summer vacation season has officially begun! This means days spent soaking up the sun on the beach, the coastal breeze blowing through your hair and warm sand between your toes. For those of you unable to make it to the beach this year, why not try the next best thing? Bring the beach home!

When creating a beachy interior, start with a color palette of natural colors and hues that mimic those of a seascape. Shades of blues, greens, beiges and whites evoke the look of the sky, ocean and sand on a sunny day. For a punch of color in a neutral room, choose artwork and accessories in a bright aqua or turquoise.

When choosing artwork for your seaside inspired space, your pieces don’t have to be so literal. This opens up your choices to compelling abstract pieces with colors that coordinate with your coastal color palette.

Over Run I by Maxine Price

Casual and a bit rustic are hallmarks of a coastal interior design scheme. Furniture should be relaxed and not at all too formal. The best beach inspired rooms feature wood that is a bit weathered and fabrics that look worn for a comfy, shabby-chic look. Keep an eye out for furniture made from raw, untreated wood, giving your space a natural feel. Don’t shy away from wicker and rattan when designing a beach-inspired space! Some may shudder and think, “tacky! Dated!” at their mention, but wicker and rattan pieces make for great, casual furniture that can be dressed up with throws and pillows in tropical or ocean-inspired prints.

To get that bright, airy look, try beautifully filtering sunlight with thin, sheer curtains. Gauzy curtains diffuse daylight, creating a gorgeous, luminous backdrop. Go for long-length panels to create a pool of fabric on the floor for a look that is casual yet romantic. A breeze softly wafting in gently blowing sheer curtain panels is a dreamy look that is definitely a staple of any beach home.

Choosing accessories for your coastal themed room is arguably the most fun and in some cases, can be very budget friendly. Look for rugs, pillows, lamps and other accessories featuring sea life or in tropical prints. To go for a nautical feel, look for accessories made with rope such as a white sofa slipcover with a rope trim, for instance.

We already discussed choosing abstract pieces for a subtle seaside look but for more of a impact, what better way to give your room a splash of seaside charm, than with wall art featuring the ocean or sea life. Check out our Coastal and Tropical and Beach and Sun collections for summery pieces that are sure to warm up your space. The Beach and Sun collection just so happens to be on sale from now until Thursday at midnight so don’t miss out!

The Pier at the Beach by Kim Curinga

Blue Palm by Allyson Krowitz

Snag some accessories for absolutely free by hitting the beach and collecting seashells, sea glass or driftwood. Arrange found items by displaying them on shelves or side tables for the perfect, quintessential beachy look that’s easy on the wallet.

Caution! It’s possible to go overboard with your seaside design scheme! Pick and choose your design choices wisely for a space that won’t end up leaving you seasick every time you walk in. Okay, no more puns.

So, there you have it. You don’t have to own a home with breathtaking coastal views to get comfy, casual beach house style.  With a tranquil color palette, natural textures and accessories inspired by the sea, it can feel like a day at the beach every day!


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