Decorate with Instagram

Do you continually delay eating your meal just to snap a quick photo? Do you spend an unseemly amount of time deciding which filter to use? Do you catch your friends sighing exasperatedly because you just absolutely had to stop to take another “selfie”? You just might have an Instagram addiction. Don’t be ashamed. We’re not here to judge. In fact, we would like to be your enabler.

Chances are, your phone is chock-full of photos that you would love to show off. Consider having them printed! Those who are decorating their homes are constantly on the hunt for the perfect wall art that not only aligns with their style preferences but also speaks to them on an emotional level. Well, guess what! You’re already your own curator and you didn’t even know it! There is a tiny art gallery inside your mobile phone and you’re the photographer. Using your instagram photos to decorate your home is a great  and easy way to infuse a little of your personality into your living space.

So don’t hold back! Snap those artfully angled pictures of your cat and that shot of your feet in the sand at the beach. Slap some filters on those babies! They make for art that is fun and uniquely yours. Plus, how great would it be to get compliments on your wall art and be able to say with a smirk, “yeah, I took that photo”.

Upload your photos to and check out the cool materials we print on and start decorating!


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