Holiday Gift Ideas for 2013

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Buying art for your friends and family can be a delicate art in itself. To help, we’ve put together a shopping guide to get those holiday gift ideas flowing.

The parents or grandparents will have no idea you’re trying to bring them into this millennium with contemporary art on birchwood. The retro references will have them fooled! Try Maureen Brouillette’s “It’ll Do Dancing” series.

A kid’s play space doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Make it a space fun for adults, too, with framed art on canvas. Try Joel Ganucheau’s “Whimsical” series.

Show your niece how cool you think she is with a framed floral print. Time for the big girl art! Try Sia Aryai’s “Garbela Fusha” or find more inspiration in our Botanical subject.

Bring a little bling into your friend or sibling’s bathroom with an elegant print on aluminum. They’ll think of you every time they flush. Try Sara Abbott’s “Waiting for the Sun” series.

What do you buy for the stylish friend with specific tastes? Can’t go wrong with a unique, vintage image on framed mirror. Try our Vintage subject for inspiration.

Still not sure what kind of art to give your loved one? No worries. That’s why we have eGift Cards. Instant delivery means you can wait till the last minute, and your gift will arrive on time.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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