The Austin Art Scene is the Heart of Texas

vitruvian man birthday

Austin is renowned for its live music and awesome festivals. But when it comes to the art scene, Austin’s East Side hipsters could give Brooklyn’s hipsters a run for their Hush Puppies. In the heart of one of the largest conservative states is a liberal oasis where retro style meets contemporary sensibility. Whether a current resident or a visitor, there’s plenty to explore.

Austin has its selection of art museums, like Blanton Museum of Art. But it’s Texas, rugged country. Get off the beaten path. Try the graffiti park at Castle Hill in Clarksville. With the ever-changing artwork, think of it as a free outdoor exhibit you can rediscover on a monthly basis. Looking for original art to buy from new artists? Head on over to Austin Art Garage. You might see some familiar work by Joel Ganucheau and Judy Paul, two of Gallery Direct’s artists.

For more of the visual feast Austin has to offer, check out our Pinterest board, “ATX Art Scene”. On it, you’ll find links to galleries and events and hidden gems around the city.

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