Inside Gallery Direct: The Sanctuary

vitruvian man birthday

In the heart of Gallery Direct’s production warehouse is a small room with no windows, but it is the only space with pure, natural light. An entire wall is flooded with full spectrum daylight lamps for our team of imaging specialists to properly match the prints we manufacture to the original art. These specialists lovingly refer to this space as “The Sanctuary”.

Passing through the Sanctuary doors, the noise of printers and framers and the bustling production floor fades away. Once beyond those doors, an unspoken vow of silence is taken as the specialists sit down at their stations to worship at the altar of art.

The images lined up along the sacred Sanctuary wall change almost daily. Besides color correcting every piece of art that is scanned into our database, our team of specialists also tweak and enhance each image to the Art Director’s and artists’ specifications. Ultimately, it is the job of the specialists to insure that every print looks like the real deal. They are Gallery Direct’s first line of defense in quality control.

Once the art is approved for printing, they become available on our site for orders. This week’s Sanctuary image includes the works of Justin Garcia and Sylvia Angeli.┬áTo keep up to date with artwork being processed in The Sanctuary, visit our Facebook page weekly.


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