Art as Your Focal Point

When designing a room it’s always helpful to have a starting point, such as a piece of artwork like the Art Deco Butterflies 60 featured above.  Artwork is a wonderful source of inspiration for an interior. The colors present in the artwork, the artistic style, and the overall mood of the piece can inform many of the decisions you’ll make for your interior.

Aside from offering color and style direction for a room, the right artwork can serve as the focal point of your space. Consider the focal point to be the center of interest or activity in a room. Where do you want the eye to be drawn? The focal point may or may not be the actual center of the space, but it is always the most important part.

Because a focal point engages users and draws attention to the space, it’s placement in a room must be thoughtful.  A stunning piece of art above a fireplace will call users to the living room to sit and gather; a bold piece of art placed at the end of a hallway entices users to progress through the space; and a unique piece can serve to anchor a seating grouping or activity zone.

For a step by step guide to making artwork your focal point visit please visit our Design Help and Inspiration Section.

This article was originally written by Interior Designer, Desi Creswell. You can find more of her great tips in the Gallery Direct Design Help and Inspiration section.

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