Houston Texas’s Best Artist

Gallery Direct Artist, Justin Garcia, was voted the Editors Choice Best Artist of 2013 by the Houston Press.

Painter Justin Garcia calls himself an abstract expressionist. It’s a more accurate label than simple artist, he says. Garcia is currently enjoying success with both collectors and critics. In today’s fickle art world, that’s rare. Rarer still is Garcia’s drive to blend his artistic endeavors with good business sense. Putting good work on the canvas isn’t enough. His self-imposed job description includes getting those canvases in front of an appreciative – and buying – public.

“I believe that Houston is a great city filled with great artists.  I’m grateful to the Houston Press for their recognition of my work and honored to have been chosen to be a part of their Silver Anniversary edition. Congratulations on 25 wonderful years and your many contributions to the City of Houston.”

                                                   Justin Garcia

Justin has been honored twice this year by the Houston Press.

View his works: http://www.gallerydirect.com/art/artists/justin-garcia

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