Hello Cool Design: Meet Hot Art

You may recall my October 2012 blog when I bragged about my front parlor with its Aalto furnishings and pièce de résistance, “the spectacular Odegard rug that I convinced Clay to splurge on,” right?!


Well, pride cometh before a fall. Indeed it does. In mid-June, my 18-year old son Henry received a useful birthday present from his grandparents, a fully loaded tool box, which is exactly what he asked for. I arrived home one evening to see all the bells and whistles pulled out and placed lovingly before it. I took little note – it was a bunch of tools for god’s sake! – and went on my merry way. No one was home which meant Chardonnay and HBO. I was awakened abruptly around 1 a.m. when my peeps returned and chaos ensued.

Did I mention we have a one-year-old puppy? Mabel is a very busy little lab. And she appears to like Gorilla Glue, which is marketed as 100% waterproof, “bonds wood, stone, metal, fiberglass and more.” Apparently, it bonded to Mabel’s insides; emergency vet care removed a baseball-sized glob from her stomach the next day. (Don’t worry – she’s fine and needless to say has since spent weeks at obedience school!) Clearly it bonded to the Odegard rug – right smack in the middle. No amount of cleaning – amateur or professional – would rid us of that residue. We debated what to do – this was our prized possession you know! Do we send it to Odegard and have it cut down? Do we trust someone locally? We could certainly use runners – I had my eye on a round rug for that space anyway! Well, practicality won out and we ultimately succumbed to purchasing a Saarinen dining table we’ve been watching for some time. And guess what a Saarinen dining table features – a pedestal base of course!

So the RED furniture is out – Annie is already thanking me as you might imagine – and I’m now perusing Gallery Direct for new art to go with our new non-RED look. Meanwhile, I’ve temporarily replaced Benjamin Arnot’s Speed of Light I with his The Challenger – You recognize Yule Brenner don’t you?! Even though he’s Chinese RED, a color I’m obviously attracted to, I think he looks great in there. And if you haven’t paid attention to Benjamin Arnot’s work, you should. It’s fabulous.

I’m also eyeing works from Takhiro Kimura, a Japanese artist featured on our new fine art site –  www.49editions.com – just launched last week.  Check out President, T2 and World, all of which highlight RED as a primary color. I can’t help it?! I think I’m going with T2 for a clean look – or I could go with Blue’s – love that Goon Squad look – and lo and behold – it’s not RED! What do you think about President facing the commode in our Powder Bath – or is that weird? Help me decide!

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