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As my time in Italy comes to a close (I really cannot believe the summer is almost over – I feel like I just got here!), I’ve been spending my days and nights absorbing as much as I possibly can of two things – the friends I’ve made here in Amelia, who come from all over the world, and Italian cuisine.

Here in Italy, eating is an experience. Not only is the food amazing (never have I eaten so much fresh pasta in all of my life), but sitting down to a meal with someone is really seen as a moment to come together and connect. I went to dinner at a friend’s the other night with a small group of people, and we spent a total of eight hours just sitting, sipping Italian wine, and eating a delicious meal together. Eating is obviously a necessity in life, but it is also something that is to be enjoyed and savored.

All of this time spent eating and thinking about how people come together at meal-times got me thinking further about how our natural inclination toward the importance o a meal manifests itself throughout art. Food has always been a big part of still life painting, as well as many other types of art. At Gallery Direct, we have an entire Cuisine section for those who are looking for a touch of culinary decor.

Some of my favorite Gallery Direct prints have to do with food. Sylvia Angeli‘s pears are always a tasty treat, and Olivia Maxweller’s Manzanillas is even hanging in my kitchen!

Olivia Maxweller’s Manzanillas

I also really her love scenes of people sharing a meal, like her Ladies of Leisure series. Cecile Broz’s Sushi is also a great example of how an artist can capture the beauty of people sitting down and enjoying some delicious delicacies together.

So, do you salivate at the sight of food-themed art? I know I do!

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After interning in the merchandising department at Gallery Direct and developing a reputation as the token art history nerd in the office, Nikki took off for a post-bac program in the hills of Umbria in Italy, and is happy to call herself GD's first Overseas Correspondent. Bitten by the travel bug at an early age, nothing makes her happier than exploring new museums or reading old art history textbooks while curled up with her cat, Zeppelin, her basset hound, Diesel, and her main squeeze, James.

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