Most Delish Design Eye Candy: Desire to Inspire

I’ve been on a mid-century modern kick in my search for design inspiration lately. There’s something about the strong shapes, clean lines and utilitarian flourishes that appeals to my brain.

Granted, I have waaaaay too much stuff to ever fully embrace the minimalism of true mid-century modern design, but a girl can dream. And, I know that even if I can never have a magazine-ready mid-century modern home from top to bottom, I can always incorporate pieces that fit the MCM aesthetic.

For example:

Design Inspiration from Jaime Bush via Desire to Inspire

[Jaime Bush ( interior, via Desire to Inspire]

Chair. Desk. I love you. Get in my living room now, please. More from Jaime Bush here.

Want More MCM Design Inspiration?

One of my favorite blogs for mid-century modern design inspiration is Desire to Inspire. Kim and Jo are an amazing pair of bloggers. Despite having never met (Kim is in Canada and Jo is in Australia!), they have put together a meticulously curated blog full of drool-worthy images. Desire to Inspire features a variety of eye candy: interiors by fabulous designers! Reader house tours! Interesting architectural projects! Jo and Kim give us all a glimpse of great design and architecture from around the world.

And who can forget the weekly Pets on Furniture series? It features–what else–cute pets on great furniture. It’s design inspiration for animal lovers!

From Inspiration to Reality…

Of course, many of the rooms featured on Desire to Inspire contain amazing art. Here are a couple of my favorites–along with Gallery Direct art to fit the bill if you happen to be inspired by what you see.

What a yummy living room by Anonymous Architects:

Design Inspiration from Anonymous Architects via Desire to Inspire

[Anonymous Architects ( via Desire to Inspire]

Right? Get a similar geometric vibe with a piece like Geometric Conclusion III by Benjamin Arnot from Gallery Direct’s collection:

Geometric Conclusion III by Benjamin Arnot

[Geometric Conclusion III by Benjamin Arnot on framed paper]

How about this dining room from Desire to Inspire reader Irving’s apartment:

Irving's dining room via Desire to Inspire

[Irving’s dining room via Desire to Inspire]

Mimic his monochromatic/eclectic gallery wall by mixing paintings like Shirley Williams‘ Shadow Play IV (brand new to our collection!)…

Shadow Play IV by Shirley Williams

[Shadow Play IV by Shirley Williams on framed paper]

…with other types of images–like a vintage map of your favorite city, like this map of New York from 1840:

Map of the City of New York (1840) by Calvin J. Smith

[Map of the City of New York (1840) on framed canvas]

And I could go on and on. Head over to Desire to Inspire to see for yourself!

Where do you find design inspiration?


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