Behind the scenes with Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia is just as dynamic as his paintings.  His signature style shines through his personality and all that he does.  He is truly as authentic as they come.

A small team of us at Gallery Direct, spent a day with Justin in his Houston-based studio and captured everything on video so that you could get to know him as well.  His personality and inspiration makes me love his paintings even more. Justin wants people to connect with his artwork and question what they see, and why they see it.   His work incorporates mixed media of oils, acrylics and compound texture on canvas and wood, and for more exotic pieces, often features unique materials such as Plexiglas, railroad nails and stained glass.

His art studio is just cool as you would imagine an accomplished artist’s space to be, maybe even a little cooler, since there was a black cat roaming around with confidence.

Justin met Gallery Direct’s Art Director, Nick Nichols, several years ago and instantly fell into a synergistic partnership.  I won’t spoil all the highlights, watch the video to learn more:

Chromaticity is my favorite series by Justin Garcia. What is your favorite works of his? View his works here: Justin Garcia

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