Life at Alt Summit as a Sponsor

Gallery Direct had the pleasure of participating in Alt Summit for the second year in a row.  The Altitude Design Summit is the definitive resource for the very serious business of beautiful, and brilliant blogging. Alt brings together a community of exciting and creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, complete with workshops and the opportunity to network with your friends, and friends-to-be! So how do the sponsors (companies like us) fit in?

Gallery Direct decided to sponsor a dinner on Wednesday evening at one of Salt Lake City’s finest restaurants, The Tin Angel.  It was an easy, casual way to get to know the Alt attendees and introduce Gallery Direct to this dynamic group of bloggers and entrepreneurs. What a good looking bunch huh?

This dinner was my favorite event, as we had time to sit and learn about our guests, their blogs and life ventures. They are all inspiring and beautiful people.

Each guest was given a photo print of a photo they sent to us — how sweet is this print of Miranda’s four year old dressed as a super hero!  For more photos from the dinner visit our facebook Alt photo album.



With two more full days and evening events, I knew we would all be running into one another. This is where you begin to feel like you have made more than a contact, you’ve made a friend. Check out this fun pic at the HP Photo Booth of (left) Miranda, owner of, (middle) Nichele Lindstrom from Gallery Direct, and me, Joie (right).

These are the fun moments that Alt creates for sponsors and bloggers.

“There’s room for everyone at the table” was a quote I heard at one of the panels I attended and it stuck with me.  Everyone at Alt has many things in common, but the one theme I kept running into was passion.  Whether I met other sponsors or bloggers, or lawyers, or celebrities everyone was passionate.

Yes, that is Jessica Alba chatting with bloggers about her company The Honest Co. Honest sponsored a lounge – which is another cool way a company can be sponsor at Alt. After learning about her company and trying a few of the products, I carry around the lavender mint chap stick and can’t get enough of it. Other sponsors left gifts at seats, like those adorable earrings above and the last image is one of the biggest attractions at Alt. The business card wall.  Here’s a closer look at those adorable cards- this was sponsored by Bing.

Experiencing all the beauty created by bloggers and attendees at Alt leads us to one of the best parts — the speakers!



I won’t cover the full two days of panels we attended, but we walked away inspired and motivated to continue to make this world beautiful through artwork and everything we do.

Recognize anyone??  It was an amazing line up.



One of my favorite quotes in life is “Love What You Do”  I found this quote turned into a beautiful piece of artwork sitting under my water glass at lunch.  These simple words were on a simple coaster that was created with love and passion, which is why it’s so beautiful.

 As I ran my fingers over the perfectly embossed card, I was reminded that Gallery Direct’s artists create their masterpieces with the same passion and love, because they love what they do.

That is what Alt is about- everyone there loves what they do and they want to continue to keep the world beautiful.

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