Finding my Path at Home

I have been working at Gallery Direct since the beginning of November. What a delight it has been – I have artistic co-workers and see beautiful images all day.  I am a graphic designer and picking images for marketing or the website is – to say the least – fun.

Since I deal with beautiful images all day, I decided to put together an Evernote notebook for me (any mac users out there?!) with all the art that I wanted to buy from Gallery Direct. Almost 3 months went by, and my list surprisingly was mostly abstracts, a few Asians and lots of maps. Not to mention my own photos that I wanted to print. I would love to have my personal photos blown up and hung onto my walls.

One day I realized that – duh – I didn’t have enough walls for all that I wanted. I needed another list for my list. Focus! Reduce! Less is more. What did I really want for my house? Where in the house? Which wall?

I realized that I would have to repaint some of my walls, because, when we bought the house in 2007, I went a little wild with the color palette, I admit it.  Now, those colors no longer make me happy. As we change, the colors that we love change, the ways that we think and react to visual stimuli also change.  I always welcome change!  Was I dying to repaint the walls? Ouch, no. So while being busy at work and having a high maintenance Border Collie that needs walks and exercise every day, I stopped adding images to my notebook.

Until the day I had to make a banner for the homepage. Here it is:

Inline image 1

That somehow lit up the little bulb above my head and in a weekend spell, I went to Lowe’s and bought the paints I wanted, painted the living room and placed my order: 2 gigantic Todd Camp – Enlighted Path I and II, 48×36. That did it! It was just the “push” I needed to make everything else rock’n roll.  The purchase made me very happy – those colors represent so much of what I like in terms of art – freedom, color, energy (well, at least that’s my view… art is art, right?). I also ordered a few smaller ones, which you’ll see in the photos below.

I don’t think of my house as a “chic” place: I know it isn’t.  Although I graduated in architecture, when it comes to my own place, it’s always been more a joyful play – with room for experiments – rather than the “tried and true” styles that I know will work. Also, having 4 cats (and 8 clawed front-paws) and 2 dogs (how did that happen?), my house is not super tidy. That said, I beg you to please disregard my couch ;-)))

Inline image 1
Above: Also look at that Border Collie with her moose toy – isn’t she precious? ;-))))

Below: My bike has its own wall. You can not buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and art!

Last photo: Colors, colors: such a blessing to be able to see them all!

Inline image 2
Inline image 3
What lights up your bulb?

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