Hello Cool Design: Meet Hot Art

Greetings! As you may recall, I wrote about my office a month ago – October 31 – I’m sure you all remember my bragging about how great it is?! Well, today I have an update – featuring new pics of course. And the lamps?  Both from one of our partners – HomeGoods. (If you didn’t already know, HomeGoods has a fabulous lighting selection.)

Notice I’ve moved Pug across from my desk – see him towering over the white Barcelona chairs? Awesome! I’ve got another new piece – Adagio II by Sia Aria, which is nicely offset by its monochromatic surroundings. And check out my “Grunge Girl” from the Condé Nast Collection – so compelling – and available to the trade starting January 2013!

Well, apparently my new digs have inspired those around me to spruce up their own. In fact, our CEO Joseph Garcia (who already has an amazing office) and I are somehow determined to outdo each other (albeit in a friendly fashion). But first – some context:

With more than 30 years in the consumer business, Joe has identified the following buying patterns:

  • Competitive
  • Aspirational
  • Humanistic
  • Spontaneous
  • Methodical

Indeed our marketing analysis supports these consumer trends. Further, our own buying patterns are reflected in our offices. I’ve already shown you mine. Now contrast it with Joe’s:

The furnishings are almost exclusively Four Hands Home – another one of our partners – and right down the street. Very masculine, don’t you think?! I love the lamps (one from HomeGoods naturally) and the over-sized brown lacquer tray from Jonathan Adler, both of which I selected! And how about that helmet from Indy 500? Sweet!

Now take a look at Joe’s art. We recently launched an internal competition – a group of us competing on who can create the best collection. Joe is working on “Cool Art for Cool Guys” and clearly has a head start in his office. Lake City I by Roman Solar is spot-on as wall art. Another great mural directly across – Tatara’s Negroni – is a street scene that works well with the windows cut out of it.  The Palm piece on acrylic is by Sony Warsono from Getty Images. It reminds me of South Beach at night – one of Joe’s favorite haunts! Following the theme are Brett Pfister’s framed Drifting on Water’s Wings and the two Formula 1 images on aluminum– very cool, very masculine, and very Joe – do you think he might win the contest?!

With a wardrobe that is almost exclusively Zegna – combined with Ferragamo and Gucci shoes (not to mention what he drives and where he lives), Joe is pure competitive. I – on the other hand – am aspirational. (I love my Trina and Tory but wouldn’t know where to begin buying what Joe has. And then couldn’t bring myself to do it!) So how does an aspirational compete with a competitive? That’s just it, we don’t. So, in concession – not defeat, I’m waving the white flag (which matches my office BTW)!



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