Art on Acrylic and Minimalism in Home Decor

Remember how cool the cassette tape was? When they came on the scene, the eight track tape suddenly looked like car a battery. Cassettes were sleeker, but then the CD rolled out and that was all she wrote. Then the iPod emerged and everything changed again. No need for having a bunch of discs strewn about; now all your music could fit sleekly in the palm of your hand. Consider the old television with a picture tube. If you wanted a big screen, it was like having to deal with a parked car in your room. Thankfully, the slim HD flat panels killed their monstrous cousins.

You may have heard color trends start in Europe and work their way over to the U.S.? Or that PANTONE sets the tone for the world’s color? Maybe quite a lot of what you’ve heard is true? Or maybe, it’s bunk? We’ll never tell. We’re sort of sworn to secrecy around here.

In general, we can talk about home fashion trends. Consumer products and household items are influencing our home décor choices, even our fashion trends. Your wireless world, flat screen televisions, iPads, smart phones, Smart Cars (and the like) are having a profound effect on what makes us feel comfortable in our livable spaces. Things are becoming stripped down. Have you also noticed people are wearing less clothing? Big things are out. Minimalism is in. This is the chief influencing factor in home décor today, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Our number one selling item at Gallery Direct is canvas wall art without a frame, called gallery wraps. Folks went out, bought a sleek home theater system, kicked their desk top computer to the curb, and said, “Whoops, all my traditional framed wall art looks like a VCR!” We created our acrylic art line to complement our canvas art collection. It’s a completely innovative way to view art.

Maybe canvas artwork isn’t your thing, but you still want a modern look for your walls. Art on acrylic is your solution to display images that fit into your high-tech universe. Every single one of our 12-million images is available on acrylic: sleek, refined, luminescent.

If you’re one of those people who buy the latest and greatest as soon as it drops, here’s your chance to be first on your block!

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