Through the Lense of Gallery Direct

We are very excited to have begun working on several big production videos for Gallery Direct.  We partnered with the amazing film crew, ImageWork Communications out of Los Angeles.  ImageWorkCom is well known for working with Nascar, West Coast Choppers and Hewlett Packard.

Without giving too much away, below is a sneak peak at the production of our first video.  Think of this one as a 60 second commercial, we’ve been referring to it as our “sizzle” video.

This is a scene of a young ballerina practicing and then coming home to her mother.  Her bedroom has an aspiration image adorning the wall, this image is Ballet Dancer in Blue by Edgar Degas.  The man in there coaching her is John Lawrence the owner and director of ImageWork, he was amazing with our tiny dancer, she was all smiles around him.

Next up was an even tinier actress, named Babes.  Babes is a Maltese and quite a ham in-front of the camera. She represents all the dog lovers that print their pet photos with Gallery Direct.  She brought her owner with her to be on camera.

 Stay tuned for more behind the scene photos from our production videos!


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