Imaginary Tales

It took me a while to warm up to the idea of figurative paintings. In the past, I felt weird about liking them—like, am I a huge creep for being so drawn to a picture when I don’t know the person depicted?

I recently decided I’m over it and Katherine Fraser is responsible for changing my mind. Whether I’m a creep or not, her paintings are just plain beautiful. And if the purpose of art is to make you think, they certainly do the job: Fraser’s portraits are haunting. Her images are striking in their vivid detail and a little bit disconcerting in their intimacy.

I don’t know the women in Fraser’s paintings, but I feel like I can imagine feasible stories about them based on their faces and surroundings. It’s become a game…what’s the story behind the image expressed in a single sentence?

She’s swathed in black for a clandestine meeting; her feathery stole will help her blend in with the shadows. [Stare by Katherine Fraser]







She’s sleepwalking across an empty landscape, dreaming a dream-within-a-dream. [Constellations by Katherine Fraser]





She’s staring into her bathroom mirror and contemplating the symmetry of her reflected features. [Intuition by Katherine Fraser]







An oversized framed print of “Constellations” is about to find a home on the wall of my new den. I love the look of black and navy together, and I think the inky blue of the night sky in the piece will look fabulous with my soft grey walls and graphic black-and-white throw pillows:

See more of Katherine Fraser’s gorgeous portraits here.

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