Composition: Vertical vs. Horizontal

The composition or focal point of your image will subconsciously set the mood of your room.  Our artists carefully balance their paintings composition to connect with their viewers.

Calming Horizontal Composition

Powerful composition elements are often displayed through the overall lines of an image. The simple horizontal, vertical, or angled nature of the composition evokes different emotions and draws the eye into a specific element.  Horizontal lines like those seen in beach scenes or sunsets often induce serenity and peace.

Energenic Vertical Compostion

Vertical lines suggest energy that encourages progress. Think of a towering tree, a high-rise building, or a horse and rider.  Angles that represent movement harvest a sense of speed, agility, or movement through time.  An image with strong angles may bring a sense of excitement or anticipation to the room.  Let the mood you’re looking for in your space guide you and the rest will fall into place.

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