Hello Cool Design: Meet Hot Art

I’m not a designer but I love great design, and the art I see around our offices — on our walls – in our front gallery – our presentations and videos – on the scanner – coming off the printers – and being framed — inspires me every day. It makes me think of all the rooms I want to create.

Here’s one I’ve done in my own home since I joined in May. I’m now the proud owner of two Judy Paul prints – Get Out I and Get Out II – which I had printed in custom sizes (1 horizontal and 1 vertical) to fit my space. Notice the great pairing with my new tangerine Jonathan Adler x-Benches and the 15-year old Jean-Michel Frank-inspired chocolate mohair couch. The vintage bird pillows from dwellstudio.com were not pricey and came with inserts.

The room was dark and blah before – Tell me you love it now! And oh-by-the-way, Artemide’s spectacular Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp is going on sale at dwr.com this week – that will brighten things up even more!!!


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