Easy Home Decor Tips

Does your house need some sprucing up? Are you lacking ideas in the home decor department? Here are some tips on how to decorate your home and make it really pop.

Mix art with tabletop accessories: Hang your art about 8 to 12 inches above the table to form an connection between the wall items and tabletop decor. When choosing accessories for the tabletop make sure they are tall enough to overlap the artwork creating unity.

Filling A Large Wall: When you have a large wall to fill there are several different ways you can decorate.

  • Try grouping in odd numbers, it creates more interest.
  • Decorate with a series, use multiples of the same print in varying colors.
  • Choose art in the same color scheme but vary the size and shape

Unique Accessories: Have a  unique accessory you want to accent? Use an over-sized piece of art as a backdrop you can set it on the floor or on a tabletop. Art doesn’t always have to be hung.

Add Some Color: Don’t be afraid to add some bold color and try some new combinations.

  • Choose colors that are opposites on the color wheel like blue and orange and purple and yellow they will really pop against each other.
  • In a neutral room add interest with only one or two bold pops of color either in art or accessories.
  •  Use a white wall to really accent a colorful painting.

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