Green Art, Goes Beyond the Color

When you buy art do you consider if it’s sustainable before you purchase?  Since Gallery Direct’s inception in the early 2000’s being an eco-friendly company was a top priority.  We use as many green products throughout our processes to ensure that every piece of art is safe for the environment and your home.

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that we can produce beautiful artwork without leaving a negative effect on the environment. That’s why we print with HP’s green latex and UV E3 certified inks. They produce long-lasting, vivid prints that are also odorless and produce no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Using HP’s green latex inks keeps our employees safe from harmful chemicals.  There are no harsh smells on our production floor, or the artwork.  Several of our materials qualify to help building and home owners earn LEED credits. For more information on that visit the Green Building Website.


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