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The gals and I in the Imaging Department were talking the other morning on which category wins for the most user uploads to get printed here at Gallery Direct. It was between these 3: wedding, pets & children portraits. In the Imaging Department we like to give our user uploaded photos a little clean up and boost if they need it. After all it will be hanging in your home so it has to look it’s absolute best! Unfortunately,  we do receive many user upload photos that are fuzzy & out of focus, or are dark or have major flash shadows. And there’s not much we, the Imaging Department, can do for those problems. So here are some photo tips that I’ve found useful when taking photos of my own kids or dog! I also love to take pics at family & friends weddings.

Go to them, Keep the eyes sharp, and Use natural light. 

My dog, Penny Lane. Shot down at her level, focusing on her eyes and using natural light.

It’s important for your kids & pets to feel comfortable. Get down to their level and go to them. Have you ever heard the saying, “eyes are the window to the soul“? Be sure to focus in on the eyes and keep them sharp. Photos using natural light always come out so much better! No flash burst or shadow from the flash.

Experiment, Be Patient, and Schedule.

My kids. Experimenting with different angles, patiently taking lots of photos and scheduled to do it a time of day I knew they wouldn’t be grumpy.

Experiment with different angles, approaches and compositions. Be patient and just take A LOT of shots. Worry about the results later. It’s always good to schedule a time to take portraits when your kids and pets are most energetic.

Backdrop awareness and Non posed.

I found this blue bonnet field a few miles from my home. Wouldn’t it be a perfect backdrop for a wedding portrait!?

We’ve seen several times photos of the most adorable kids with maybe a pile of laundry or dirty dishes in the backdrop…or a wedding couple with other people or cars in the backdrop. Be aware of what is behind your subject, and if possible pick a beautiful backdrop out! We also see a lot of posed portraits and those are great, but sometimes I find the non posed ones to be most interesting. Like capturing a wedding couple, walking, talking and laughing. It really makes the photo more intimate.


I hope you found my tips useful. We love seeing the customer photo uploads that come through our Imaging Department, so keep uploading and ordering from Gallery Direct!

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