New Artist: A. J. Andrews

Join us in welcoming our newest artist to the Galley Direct family, A. J. Andrews. Although A. J.’s parents were musicians, he ended up an artist & photographer because he has a good eye for composition, balance and color. From a young age A. J. enjoyed taking photos of interesting people, animals and landscapes. As the years passed his realistic photography went more abstract. A. J. feels he is always learning from his environment, life experiences, lucky mistakes and looking at the work of others for inspiration. Today A. J. lives with his wife in a small town in New Jersey.

Here are some of my favorite images by him, and I love the explanations he gives for them.

AJ102A Light Display on House in the Midwest

Sometimes people go overboard with decorative holiday lights on and around their homes. For me as a photographer, however, the more the merrier! Here was an opportunity where layers of lights were twinkling and flashing, while my camera was zigging and zagging, resulting in a couple of very engaging images.

AJ106A Window at Barney’s

People call Barney’s in New York an emporium of style and fashion, and their recent Lady Gaga windows were a special visual treat. The calming colors of a “crystal cave” blended together to create this memorable ice image. Cool!

AJ112A Large Mineral on Display at AMNH

Rare iridescent fossil shells of disk-­‐shaped ammonites can be found along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. One such beautiful gemstone specimen offered the colors and shapes that seems only nature and time can create.

AJ115A Clivia Miniata in Bloom

During a recent visit to a nearby botanical garden, planters full of these colorful blossoms were just calling out for attention. They were not to be ignored – and my camera obliged.

Be sure to check out the rest of A. J. Andrews work on Gallery Direct!

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