Back to school…school art!

Are your kids going back to school soon? Mine start in 2 weeks, and I’m as anxious and excited as they are! Like me, I’m sure many of you like to take lots of photos on your kids first day. It’s a great way to document the day, and the photos can also turn into memories you can hang on your walls! Besides the traditional portraits of my kids wearing their new school clothes and backpacks, I also like to take detailed photos like the ones above and below. Things like the number bus they rode, their clothes laid out that they will wear, the note I leave in their packed lunch.

Well my friend posted an awesome idea several months ago that I thought I would share, and also to remind you what to do with all those art projects your kids bring home from school this year. She’s my buddy from college and also received her Bachelor of Arts emphasizing in Graphic Design.

I have mountains of my kids school work in binders, folders and bags. I feel like I would be a terrible mom to just toss it all, but what do you do with it? Well create a beautiful piece of art like my friend did! And then get it printed at Gallery Direct! This is such an awesome idea. I plan on doing it for my 2 kids this year. It would be great to hang in their rooms or in the hallway by their bedrooms. I’m inspired, hope you are too.

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