Generational Photos

I love coming across unique ideas for family photos and lately I have been seeing a lot of great Generational Photo Ideas. Here are a few of my favorite unique ways to photograph the generations all together.



This could easily be reinterpreted in many ways with women or men in all kinds of outfits, however you do it I like the picture it paints.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest


Source: via Ellen on Pinterest


While no faces are involved in either of these I think the creative use of hands from different generations would make a striking piece of art that would start many conversations in your home.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest



I love this wedding photo idea and wish I had done it on my wedding day!

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest


And of course the show Modern Family made this popular, but it is still lots of fun!


Last but not least this one would take some photo editing skills, but the finished effect is very cool!

Have you ever thought of creating a great generational photo piece of art?

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  1. I love your site. I am a chat agent that Gallery Direct uses from Needles and your blog really encourages me to know and enjoy the art Gallery has to offer. Thanks :)

  2. Hi Mary, We are glad this blog can help you with your chat sessions on Gallery Direct. Let me know if you would like to guest blog for us. -Joie

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