Not Your Average Family Portrait

I hope y’all took advantage of our awesome sales to purchase a special print for your special mom for Mother’s Day. Don’t worry, if you didn’t. You can redeem yourself…this Sunday when you gather together with family to celebrate the awesome mother you have, be sure to capture some “not your average family portraits”. We all have those posed portraits, looking straight at the camera putting our best smile on our face…but I actually find portraits where the subjects aren’t necessarily looking at the camera much more interesting. When you capture a “moment” you can truly capture the feeling of the moment. I’ll show you what I mean…

Aren’t these awesome! They just exude so much joy, and as a mother myself I know any mother would love to have a picture like one of these to hang in her home. So get it done this Mother’s Day. Capture that moment! And then once you do have it printed with us here at Gallery Direct. You’ll be sure to WOW her.

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