Art Crime Team

Are there any of you out there that love a good art theft movie like I do? I guess because of my background in art and my job, I always enjoy a great art theft movie like the Thomas Crown Affair

A wealthy, bored financier orchestrates an elaborate heist to steal a Monet painting valued at 100 million to cure his boredom. Incognito is another art theft movie…

It’s about a talented art forger who paints a fake Rembrandt that was lost supposedly off the coast of Spain over 350 years ago. Actually, art and cultural property crime is a looming criminal enterprise that has a 6 billion estimated losses annually. Our FBI actually has a special art crime team that’s purpose is to recover these precious pieces. One of the top 10 art thefts on the FBI list was the Van Gogh Museum Robbery, a museum I visited in Amsterdam in 2000! I couldn’t believe it!

“In December 2002, two thieves used a ladder to climb to the roof and break in to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In just a few minutes the thieves stole two paintings: Van Gogh’s View of the Sea at Scheveningen and Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen, valued at $30 million. Dutch police convicted two men in December 2003, but did not recover the paintings.”

Stealing art is like stealing history. All these wealthy art owners own a piece of history, wouldn’t we all love to. :) Well if you’ve browsed around Gallery Direct’s Classic Art section you would find out that you could own a very affordable Giclée of a piece of history! So go ahead, stream a great art theft movie tonight and while you’re watching that browse our art and order yourself a classic art piece!

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