Spring Colors Trends for 2012

Spring is my favorite time of year – for decorating my home and myself.  I view my artwork in my home like I view my choice of clothing — they are both a reflection of who I am.  So being in style is important to me.  Spring usually brings out the boldest colors of the year, and 2012 has BRIGHT colors, and I absolutly love all of them. From neons to soft pastels this spring colors are HOT!

These ladies are sporting all the trends — let’s start from left to right.  As most of you know from Breanna’s blog post, Tangerine is the IN color, so go ahead and get an entire outfit of Tangerine, look how fabulous this woman looks.

The next woman is sporting a shade of pantone color Cockatoo — paired with Starfish accents giving her an airy yet elegent look.  These colors are sure to brighten any room making it feel more open and airy.  I just placed Beach Series III by Sara Abbott in my living room and I can almost feel the cool breeze sweeping through.

In the middle we have the bright yellow that has come full circle and returned to be one of the hottest colors again this spring.  Pair it with pantone Caberet (shoes) and you have a knock out look that is sure to turn every head.

This next outfit, really captures the essence of Spring 2012 with the mixture of Margarita Green and Sodalite Blue with the floral pattern.  If you are going to wear florals this spring, make sure they are bright and big, and the colors are in season and you could rock this look.

The last outfit is a nice sophisticated blend of the Cackatoo with a light shade of Tangerine – almost a coral color, which is definitely an in color.


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