The Gift that Keeps on Hanging

framed I love youSo you forgot to record the Patriots/Ravens game for your boyfriend and his cable cut out right before Billy Cundiff’s missed field goal. It’s okay. There’s time to redeem yourself before Valentine’s Day. Luckily you have a great memory, and an even better camera, packed full of snapshots from the fantastic time you two had in Cabo last summer and the amazing surprise party you threw for him on his birthday. So go ahead and grab that picture of you looking svelte in your two-piece, or the one where he swears he looks like Robert Downey, Jr. and have it printed for Valentine’s Day. It’s the gift that says, “LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUN WE HAVE TOGETHER.” So next time he’s yelling and throwing things at Tom Brady, he’ll see the picture hanging on the wall and remember how much he loves you. Maybe you will remember that, too, next time he leaves his dirty glass on the coffee table.

One thought on “The Gift that Keeps on Hanging

  1. Don’t be silly, there’s NO judgement here. If you are mankig photos you love and challenging yourself, that’s the greatest measure you should be working with. Happy shooting and thanks for sharing!!

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