Print Your Photos Already

I love taking pictures, and I think I am really good at it. I love showing my friends and family how they look through the little screen on the back on my Sony CyberShot– we all smile and say awweee — and then that
photo is never seen again- except maybe 6 months down the road on Facebook.

My New Year’s Resolution is to rescue these images from my camera and do something with them! I didn’t really intend to fill this blog post with my family photos from the holidays, but isn’t my niece adorable? She
is only 2 weeks old in these pics… and if I left her in my camera any longer she would be in preschool and I would sending outdated adorable pictures.

Alright, you get my point — so this is what I have done. I went to Gallery Direct and printed my favorite images from the holidays on canvas. I kept a few for myself, and I sent a few to my mom, grandparents and of course to my brother and his wife.  It’s ridiculously easy to upload your photos and print them on a canvas. It really takes about 4 – 5 clicks of the mouse.  Canvas prints are also very affordable, and with the 75% off sale, Gallery Direct is basically giving them away. Use code: Photo75

I must say– this simple gesture pretty much won me the award of
“family member of the year” as the phone calls and thank you’s I received were amazing, I think there were actually tears.  I did let everyone in on the secret code of getting 75% off at Gallery Direct — Enter: Photo75 at checkout.

Alright, I am off to print some more photos, just thinking about it reminds me that I need to send my sister a birthday present.



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