New Artist: Andreas Langley

Yesterday we launched artwork from Andreas Langley, our newest member of the New Era – Gallery Direct family. His art is very unique as it is of something we’ve never seen! He explores the mystery and wonder of ancient crystals revealing to us layers never seen before. Andreas has “an inherent and spontaneous drive for spirituality and a passion for metaphysics“. Andreas grew up in both Europe and the United States but now resides in Arizona. He has a background in broadcast television and film. But lucky for us he explores in the visual arts by revealing the micro cosmos of mineral consciousness expressed in crystalline form of quartz.

Above are 2 companion pieces, Record Keeper and Gateway Mystical. Andreas describes them as follows… Energies take shape in other worldly Gnome formations and entice with warm Salamander glow… A gateway offering to a forgotten Land of Dreams.

In this series of 3, Spirit Timberland, Andreas describes them as follows…  The Nature Spirit of Forest and Trees expressing its range of energies in its mystical workings.

LY114A Triumphant Celebration by Andreas Langley

We hope you enjoy Andreas’ work as much as we do!

Click here to visit his gallery of work.


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