Decorating Your Bathrooms

The bathroom is often one of the most visited rooms in the house. The holidays always remind me to pay extra attention to my powder rooms as they can make or break a visitors experience. I also find that re-decorating my bathrooms makes me feel like I refreshed my living space.

Mirrors and bathrooms make sense.  Why not pick an image and print in on a mirror? This is a great way to add a creative touch to a bathroom. How contemporary and cool does the mirror to your right look? This would look beautiful above a bath tub or behind the toilet. Think that is too much? Than go for a calmer image like a seashell or foot prints in the sand. You can search through thousands of images in the Gallery Direct Image Vault.

Obviously this is wall art decor, it’s not for the main mirrors in the powder room. You could pick interesting shapes and frames for the standard mirrors if you want to add some spice to the functional mirrors.

The hallways and stair cases are not the only places to place family photos. Go ahead and post some of your favorite family moments in the powder room.  You can always rotate the images from around your house. Move some from the hallway into the powder room. Themes are great. I like to put the memories from the past seasons in the bathrooms. I have last years New Years photos that I plan to put up around Christmas and then some beach images in the summer.

If your bathroom is off of the living room or a bedroom, it’s nice to incorporate that decor and colors into the bathroom. Keeping the wall decor consistent throughout the transition from the bigger room to the powder room makes your home flow nicely.  If your living room has bold abstract images, go ahead and place a large bold abstract in the bathroom and keep the shower curtain or towels in a solid complimentary color. I like to add a touch of uniqueness to my powder room images by printing on aluminum. Aluminum will give any image a shine with a contemporary edge.

Have a bathroom decor tip? Please share it with us by leaving a comment.

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