Decorating your Home this Holiday Season

It’s Halloween weekend and the scariest part to me is that as soon as we count our candy and put away our masks, it’s time to plan for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. A houseful of family and friends is a blessing to me, and so is the power to impress them!  It’s amazing how a few pieces of new artwork can really spruce up your home for the holidays. Here are a few easy tips I do every year that make a huge impact with my guests and it keeps my mother in good spirits.

Warm Up The Place: Make everyone feel cozy with a warm image in the dining area.  I just purchased these two above for my dining room.  Last time I changed the art in the kitchen my friends thought I had rennovated the entire kitchen area. ha!

Honor Your Guests: This one scores major brownie points with the out of towners – I always print pictures we took from our last family gathering on a canvas and display them. Often it’s from the Holidays before or in my case, my brother got married so here is my niece and nephew in his wedding — I find that putting up my siblings kids is just as special to my brothers and sisters as have pictures of them. So I often go the kids route.  The kids love to see themselves displayed and feel special. My niece wanted the last canvas I had printed of her, so this year I am printing two of each as suprise gifts.

Classy Holiday Decorations:  A nice snow scene or nativity scene image printed on canvas is a very tactful way to decorate and your home, and it’s easy to store for use next year.  I like to keep these images up all winter long.

Have a few tips to share with us? We’d love to hear them. Comment away!



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