Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Korpai Family

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 9 is in full swing and is already on it’s 4th episode of the season (aired on 10.16.11).  I had the pleasure to watch the episode and tweet with fellow admirer’s of what EMHE does for families in need.

For this past Sundays episode I was able to join other EMHE viewers online while watching Season 9’s 4th episode about the Korpai family.  In this episode Ty and the rest of the EMHE crew head to Crawford, NY to surprise a family that have been advocating for dwarfism since having their daughter, Hailey.  Hailey was born with dwarfism and as a Little Person she had challenges with her home.  Jimmy and Darlene (Hailey’s parents) are the President and Vice President of the New York chapter of Little People of America.  Their home serves as the facility for their Little People of America chapter and they wanted to be able to appropriately accommodate Little People visitors and Hailey.  The Korpai’s are such an inspiration and a deserving family to have the help of EMHE.

MOVE THAT BUS!  The EMHE crew built an amazing home and a new Understanding Dwarfism Center where everything is at the perfect level.  A lot of thought and care goes into building these homes.  Of course I didn’t make it through the entire episode without crying! Hailey was such a sweet little girl!  It touched my heart to see all of the people reaching out to support this family. Every inch is thoroughly thought out by the EMHE team, including the artwork!  At Gallery Direct we’re proud to be able to donate artwork to each episode of EMHE.  The EMHE crew chooses the artwork specifically for each families new home from our collection.

These are the Gallery Direct artwork pieces that were seen on this episode:

EMHE has moved to their show to Friday nights starting on Friday October 21st at 8/7c.  During the episodes we give out FREE artwork to a few lucky participants during the shows!  We’d love to hear about what you think of the artwork seen on the EHME episodes.  Comment here or join us on our facebook page. Tweet with us @GalleryDirect and use #EMHE to tweet during the show.



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